Southbay Equity Project

TKG has joined ARTZONE 4 KIDS and MBNS in establishing a consortium of schools committed to empowering educators and community to foster more inclusion in the Southbay.

Our (working ) Mission

To empower educators to foster a culture of racial equity in classrooms.
To empower the greater community to be catalysts for change in racial inequities in the South Bay.
To offer a safe place for educators and community to explore internal change and support dialogue of race with others.


1. Community Events
2. Regular Meetings
3. Develop curriculum
4. Cultivate a culture of action
5. Engage Community and Civic Leaders

If you would like to join an upcoming meeting, please contact us.

Upcoming Events


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Educator Resources

50+ Picture Books about Mixed Race Families, CLICK for link to @ColoursOfUs

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